The Trinity Catholic Primary School in Liverpool held a special event as Colin and Wendy Parry officially opened the newly designed Peace Huts at the school.

At the Foundation we deliver a range of programmes and initiatives aimed at promoting peace, conflict resolution, early intervention, and addressing the root causes of violence.  Our educational programmes are designed for schools, colleges, community groups, and professionals working with young people.  Our aim is to empower individuals with knowledge and skills to promote peace and foster social cohesion.

The Foundation has partnered with Trinity for over six years, on groundbreaking education programs, “Tiny Steps for Peace” and “Small Steps for Peace”.

The Foundation’s programmes focus on the early years of KS1 and KS2 education and the importance of tolerance, respect, and understanding, using age-appropriate activities, stories, and resources to promote positive values and build a foundation for peace from an early age.  By empowering pupils with the necessary tools and knowledge, the Foundation strives to create a more peaceful and inclusive society.

Ciara, who currently works with Trinity, leads all of the Foundation’s young people projects, delivering the programmes by working with groups and one-to-one. Ciara works with the school to deliver its long-term strategy.

The three Peace Huts are dedicated to promoting peace, conflict resolution, and dialogue between pupils, in memory of Ava White, and Michael Toohey and the large hut is for grammar, punctuation, and spelling lessons.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Ava’s mum and aunt who officially opened Ava’s hut, Ava was a former student at Trinity before she sadly lost her life. Ava participated in the Small Steps programme in Y6 and was one of Trinity’s first peace ambassadors.

The Huts serves as a neutral, safe meeting place so children can come together for education, play, and finding peaceful solutions working with the school’s “Peace Ambassadors”.  They will play a crucial role in the school, providing a space where dialogue and understanding can thrive.

Foundation CEO & Co-founder, Colin Parry said of the Peace Huts – “they are a physical resource where young children can work through problems with other children, in a quiet and private place away from the classroom”.

Head Teacher, Rebecca Flynn Says “Ciara has changed the lives of so many children in the school. This has been a great project which fits in with the long-term strategic vision we have for the school.  We are impressed with the way the project has engaged our pupils.  Our Peace Ambassadors will support their peers and gain a better understanding of more effective ways to deal with conflict in their own lives, in school, and in their future lives.  At the same time, the Foundation’s programme saw a rise in attainment, attendance, and engagement and a reduction in behavioural challenges.