Nottingham City Council – Health and Well-being Champions. Empowered to Navigate Tricky Conversations.

Nottingham City Council, in partnership with Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation, is supporting the city’s Health and Well-being Community Champions through specialised training sessions to equip volunteers with essential skills in handling difficult conversations.

In collaboration with the Foundation, volunteer Community Champions undergo online training sessions focusing on the art of navigating challenging dialogues.  These sessions are designed to give participants effective communication techniques, developed through the Foundation’s extensive experience in conflict resolution.

Interactive and engaging training sessions will be facilitated by Mike Waite, a long-term Associate from the Foundation.  Participants receive worksheets in advance and are encouraged to actively participate, ask questions, and share their perspectives and stories.  The objective is to ensure that Community Champions feel confident in addressing any potential obstacles they may encounter while promoting public health initiatives in the community.

Mike Waite praised the commitment, dedication, and mindfulness of the participants he has worked with, stating: “Everyone who has taken part in our sessions, has shown total commitment”.

The Community Champions programme is a testament to Nottingham’s Innovative approach to public health initiatives. By engaging a diverse spectrum of individuals from the community, including students from local universities, the programme ensures that vital health messages reach every part of the city.

Mike emphasised the significance of the Community Champions’ role in disseminating crucial health information in accessible ways, such as community centres, at school gates, and places of worship.  He added, “Our training will help on the rare occasions that the volunteers encounter pushback against the public health campaigns they are promoting, or if someone says something inappropriate or divisive”.

Despite addressing serious issues, participants have found the sessions not only informative but also enjoyable, highlighting the Foundation’s commitment to fostering a positive learning environment.

Through the partnership between the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation and Nottingham Health and Wellbeing Community Champions, the city is taking proactive steps to promote health, foster community engagement, and ensure that every resident has access to vital health resources.

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