31 Years on – The Warrington Bombing.

March 20, 2024 is the 31st Anniversary of the IRA bombing in Warrington and, whilst 31 years is a long time to us all, for Wendy and Colin and their family, it often feels like it was just yesterday that they were given the dreadful and terrifying news that their 12-year-old son, Tim had been seriously injured and was fighting for his life in Warrington’s General Hospital. After surviving the next 24 hours, Tim was

rushed to Liverpool’s Walton Hospital, where there were specialist medical teams equipped to deal with the most serious head injuries.

Tim fought on for three more days before tests proved the head injuries he had sustained were inoperable and that there was no chance of survival.

Colin, Wendy and Tim’s brother and sister and other close family members all paid their final farewells to Tim, before Colin lay down with him at the moment his life support was switched off.

31 years on, this day still brings back those terrifying 5 days between life and death, but it also produces great pride in the Peace Foundation Wendy and Colin established in his and Johnathan Ball’s names.

They are not forgotten. They live on.