Tim Parry Leadership Development Scholarship

The first project the Peace Foundation ran as an organisation was a project where we brought
young people together from Warrington, the North and South of the Island of Ireland, on what
was, at the time, called the Tim Parry Leadership Scholarship. The programme was about
getting young people to talk about the differences they and their communities had and what
they had in common, finding ways of connecting and working together.
Thirty years we work across the UK, Europe, and sometimes further afield on various programmes looking to ultimately find ways to deal with conflict without resorting to violence. Our programmes have reached Canada, the Middle East and Africa. We know conflict exists, but violence need not.

On 20th March 2023, we commemorated the 30th Anniversary of the Warrington Attack that
killed Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball, as well as affecting many others visiting and living in the
town that day.

Whilst marking 30 years since this tragedy, we’re also reflecting on all the work we’ve done as
an organisation since that day. If there was anything positive that came from these events, it
was that an organisation was set up in the names of Tim and Johnathan, led by Colin and
Wendy Parry, the parents of Tim, with a view that we want to do all that we can to convince
people that nothing good can come from using violence to make a point.

We’re excited that as part of this 30th Anniversary commemoration, we’re re-launching the Tim
Parry Leadership Development Scholarship. The first residential was held here at the Peace Foundation, Warrington with the next programme taking place next month in Ireland.

Pictured below students from this years programme.