In a heartfelt conversation on The Bike Shed, Colin Parry, founder of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation, shared his profound insights on turning tragedy into a force for peace and reconciliation.

Reflecting on the devastating impact of the Warrington Bombing, and the youthful innocence that was stolen on that fateful day.  The listeners were touched by Colin’s resilience and dedication.

Michael Maloney from The Bike Shed commented “It was an absolute pleasure to speak with you about Tim, Johnathan & the Foundation. The Warrington bomb was such a low point in our history but a turning point. I was 15 but still remember the time & the anger here. What I didn’t see at that age but see now was the two boys were at either end of childhood, Johnathan just out of the toddler phase and looking forward to going to school & Tim about to become an adolescent & a young man, to have that stolen is unimaginable, they are tragically iconic in our history & will always be remembered. Your ability to make good from such evil is a credit to you & your family”